Top 10 Hairstyles for Summer

Top 10 Hair Styles for Summer

Summer is here and it is past time to start considering how you will maintain a fashionable hairstyle. Whether you live in a dry, windy area or a muggy, humid climate these styles will work for either. During summer months, you want to make sure you have a style that is manageable and will easily transition into fall months. Here are the top 10 hairstyles for summer:

A long, thick braid

A long, thick braid that is pulled to one side will look great for summer months. You hair will be pulled back off of your face so you will not have to worry about stray hairs sticking to your forehead or getting in your way. You can experiment with many different kinds of braid. Try to perfect a regular braid, a french braid, and a fishtail braid. This will change up the look greatly while still maintaining the ease of a side braid. You can start the braid up towards the front of your face or you can start it at the base of your neck on the side. If you have layered hair, run a little bit of pomade over your hair prior to braiding to avoid flyaways.

Beachy layered waves

Beachy layered waves are a great option for summer months. You can simply spritz your hair with a sea salt spray, scrunch, and go. You can even do this while your hair is still damp and let it air dry. Since the product will give you a bit of hold you don’t have to worry about messy wind blown hair. Flyaways and frizz also won’t be as exaggerated.

Long, loose waves

Long, loose waves with a little bit of bounce will be perfect for summer nights. Simply blowdry your hair with a round brush and spritz with hair spray. Take the rounded ends of your hair in sections and roll them up to the base of your head, pinning each section into place. Lightly mist hair with hairspray all over and let your hair set. Let your hair down and brush your hair out with your fingers for loose waves.

A short pixie cut

If you are daring, a short pixie cut can be great for summer. It will be easy to style during mornings and it will transition perfectly into fall months. Routine cuts will be necessary to keep the style fresh.

A messy top knot

A messy top knot is a great updo for summer. You can simply spray your hair with a sea salt spray like you would for beachy waves or you can add a texturizing product to your hair. Pull your hair into a messy ponytail high on the crown of your head and twist sections of your hair while pinning them into place. This will create a high, messy bun with great hold. Once you have finished lightly mist your hair all over with hairspray.

Loose curls

Use a straightening iron to create loose curls at the ends of your hair. Leave the top portion of your hair sleek and smooth and just rotate the iron to create curls that turn in different directions. By alternating the direction in which the hair is curled, you are breaking up the curls and preventing them from turning into one uniform curl. Spray your hair all over with light hold hairspray. The great thing about this style is that if curls drop due to the weather, they will still look great as waves.

Short razored bobs

Short razored bobs are popping up all over. They require little maintenance, yet still provide a fashionable, glamorous look and can be worn straight, messy, or wavy. Bobs don’t require as many trims because they look awesome at any length. This style will work just as well when summer turns into summer.

Tousled waves

Tousled waves that turn away from the face in the same directions will not only help open up the face, but they will also last in summer weather. Prep your hair with a texturizing lotion and then use a straightening iron to create tousled waves that turn away from your face by turning the hair at a downward slanted angle. Since the hair will be a bit messy it wont matter if hair begins to loosen up a bit and if your hair feels like it is beginning to fall flat you can simply flip your head over and rework the texturizing product into your roots with the tips of your fingers.

Sleek style

Create a slightly sleeker look during summer months by adding a shine serum or spray to your hair with any style you try. A shiny hairstyle will look more pulled together than something that is frizzy or dull due to the weather.

New hair color

Try a new hair color. Different shades of blonde are popping up everywhere. Consider adding subtle caramel highlights or go all out platinum to great a sunnier look during summer. Blonde will look great during warmer, summer months and by starting out early you will be able to go blonde without completely damaging your hair.

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